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Kevin B. Solbrig, BC-HIS

Kevin is known to his patients as Kevin.  Not Mr. Solbrig, not doctor, not……  You get the point.  Kevin is a native Texan, with many generations born and living in the Texas Hill Country.


On his father’s side of the family, some of his relatives were in Gillespie County before 1850.

These ancestors started in agriculture near Doss, Texas.  In fact, Kevin still runs sheep and goats on the same place where his father was raised.  As a fourth generation rancher, Kevin has a certain pride is maintaining this lifestyle.


On his mother’s side, some arrived to the Blanco County Gillespie County line area in the 1850’s.  Kevin’s great-grandfather was murdered by a renegade Comanche band of Indians.  They stole Mr. Behrens’ livestock.  He borrowed a horse to search for them.  A week later a search party found him dead, scalped with three arrows in the back.  Mrs. Solbrig eventually was raised in the house that is now part of the LBJ State Park in Stonewall.


Kevin was born in San Antonio, where he attended John Jay High School and UTSA.

He worked in the grocery business starting with HEB in high school.  After rising to the position of Assistant Store Manager, he looked for other opportunities.  Eventually, he was recruited by Miracle-Ear, and opened the store for them in Kerrville in the very place his office is now located.  Ask him, and he will tell you the story!


He has dispensed hearing instruments for since July 1997.  He takes pride in knowing he has a strong following, much of it driven by “word-of-mouth”.  In fact, he has one patient that he has been taking care of for about 4 years now from Terlingua, Texas, about 12 miles from the Texas border with Mexico.  She was referred to Solbrig Hearing from a patient from London, Texas.  He was referred by a patient from Tyler.  The patient in Tyler was referred by Mrs. Wilson, the lady many people think is Kevin’s mother in the TV commercial.  He has patients that moved to be closer to family, and make the commute from the Houston area to see Kevin and Chris.  “We Take YOUR Hearing To Heart….”, is a commitment they make to each and every person walking through the doors of Solbrig Hearing Center.


Kevin says, “My grandfather Solbrig, Opa, did custom farming and sheep shearing in the Hill Country.  Opa and his sons had a reputation for giving the best quality for a fair price.  Kevin is doing his best to keep that reputation going with his business.  Kevin tells the story of someone from Fredericksburg calling with a strong German accent, and asking the receptionist, “This Solbrig.  Is he any relation to the Solbrig’s from Fredericksburg?”  The response, “YA” was her answer.  Yep, everyone with the Solbrig surname in the Hill Country are related to one another! 


Kevin and Chris are committed to providing the BEST and FRIENDLIEST service in the Texas Hill Country.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to experience world –class customer service and a friendly Texas “Howdy!”


Chris Harst

Chris Harst has been blessed enough to have been born and raised in our beautiful Texas Hill Country!  Her husband, Arnold Harst, is retired from the Kerrville Police Department after 25 years of service in our community.  He went from “Serve and Protect” to “Protect and Serve”.  He is now the local field representative/camp coordinator for Woodmen of the World, a fraternal life insurance company.  They have seven wonderful children between them, ranging from 15 to 29, along with 6 grandchildren and 2 more on the way!  The family jokes about being careful when you tell your kids to go forth and multiply! Theirs seemed to take it very seriously!   Their kids are in Australia, Germany, North Carolina, Florida, and thankfully still a few in Texas!  Chris’ Mom always said “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!”  She guesses she should have listened more! 

Chris started working with Kevin Solbrig at Solbrig Hearing Center in 2004.  She has been hearing impaired and worn hearing instruments since 2001.  Chris stated that she had gotten hearing aids from another company and they were so loud they were uncomfortable! She met Kevin and they visited about them.  Kevin asked her to come and give him a chance to re-program them so they would be usable.   What a difference!  She stated that after the adjustments she could hear AND understand without being blown out of the water!  When she went in for one of her follow ups, Kevin asked if she would be interested in becoming his office manager.  So…that’s how Chris became part of the team at Solbrig Hearing Center.

For many years, Chris would watch the difference Kevin was able to make in people’s lives and decided she would very much like help others too.  Chris started training in 2009, took all her course classes and became a licensed hearing instrument specialist.  Besides her children of course, this is such a rewarding accomplishment!

 Chris stated that she never thought being hearing impaired would be an asset to any job.  Being here, she truly understands what the client is talking about!  When people say, “I hear okay but don’t always understand”, “I don’t feel comfortable around people anymore”, “People look at me weird when I answer what they heard”!  We answer what we hear, not what was actually said.  It hurts to be ridiculed and laughed at!  A lot of people become introverted when burdened with a hearing loss.  People ask her all the time what the average age is for hearing loss. Since she started wearing in 2001, she was 40 at the time, and no – she is not old!  Chris stated there is no average age; it’s when you realize and are willing to get the help you need.  Acknowledging it is the first step!  Doing something about it is what makes the difference.  

Hearing instruments are not our Grandparent’s hearing aids!  They have changed drastically since 2001, (that she has had personal experience with) they are smaller and the technology!  All she can say is “WOW”!  Since you have checked out this website, obviously you realize you have some problem hearing and understanding, or know someone who does.  Why don’t you pick up the phone and call them to schedule a hearing evaluation at (830) 895-5900.  After all – Kevin and Chris stand by their motto - “We Take YOUR Hearing to Heart…”

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