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When it comes to your hearing instrument service, you deserve the best of the best. Visit this page often to view what prior customers have said about Solbrig Hearing Center. Or see for yourself by taking advantage of a FREE hearing evaluation!

“Recently I jumped into my swimming pool while I was wearing my hearing aids. Kevin’s shop was closed for the weekend. We called his cell phone # and he came over from Fredericksburg, opened his shop and worked for over an hour on my hearing aids and they are as good as ever. Now that is what I call customer service. Thanks Kevin.”
- Bill Ziche

“My husband art as having problems hearing me. In fact, He was asking 3 times to repeat what I was saying to him. We had hearing aids fitted for him at Kevin’s office and the Quality of life has really improved. Now he is asking me to cut down the volume of the television”
- Betty Moellendorf

“Have you ever been traveling down the road & talking to your spouse and she says something and you say “What, huh, how come? Why are we here?” If so, I have the solution for you. Go to Solbrig Hearing Center and they will get you on the right road and you won’t have to listen to “huh? What? and why?””
- John Grimes

“After 30 years in the military and loss of hearing I finally got in to see someone that you would not believe the miraculous things he did and the hearing aids they provided for me and the support that I received.“
- LTC Thurman Brasher (U.S. Army – Ret.)

See why we are the go-to hearing instruments provider of the Kerrville area.


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